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Abe GT & Associates, Inc. is one of the best insurance agencies in Hammond, IN. Our experienced insurance agents here help you find the best insurance covers to give you sufficient financial coverage. We are an independent agency with long-standing relationships with some of the top-rated insurance providers, including Nationwide and Travelers. These partnerships give us the ability to bring you the best coverage options at competitive premiums.

Whether you are searching for Home Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Auto Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Renter’s Insurance, or any type of insurance product, we do it all. To request a quote, simply fill out the form OR Call 312-738-1384 Today.

Home Insurance in Hammond IN

Make sure your home and your possessions are protected in Hammond IN. The Abe GT & Associates bring to you immense knowledge and expertise to help you find the right home insurance in Hammond IN. We help you assess your requirements before opting for insurance cover and make sure those requirements are fully met.

We’ve been in the home insurance space for over 21 years now. Our agents are local to Hammond, so know what kind of home insurance coverage will be best for you.

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Commercial Insurance Hammond

Commercial Insurance in Hammond, IN

Today there is a lot of uncertainty and unpredictability around businesses in Hammond IN. That’s why every business owner should get comprehensive commercial insurance in Hammond IN. Insurance coverage keeps you and your business moving forward even in difficult times and gives you a financial safety net from liabilities.

The agents at Abe GT & Associates work one-on-one with you to determine the best options. Our local business insurance agents offer the relevant commercial or business insurance options.

Auto Insurance in Hammond, IN

Accidents, damages, or injuries may occur at any time on the roads on Hammond IN. You’ll need an auto insurance policy in Hammond IN, that covers your personal vehicle, yourself, and others. Be it a personal or commercial auto vehicle, if it is covered with adequate insurance coverage, you can be stress-free while driving on the road.

Accidents may happen anytime, anywhere without you knowing. We provide auto insurance in Hammond IN, to ensure the safety of your vehicle, you, and passengers in other people’s vehicles.

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Cheap Car Insurance

Car Insurance in Hammond, IN

Stay safe with car insurance in Hammond IN. With comprehensive car insurance coverage, you get complete peace of mind in case of an accident while on the road or some liability expenses. Car insurance can be so confusing and expensive. But don’t worry! At Abe GT & Associates, we are here to help you get the best cover at reasonable prices.

We offer you unbiased consultation so you can choose the best car insurance in Hammond IN, for yourself. If you are looking for car insurance in Hammond, IN, feel free to speak to us.

Condominium Insurance in Hammond, IN

Condominium insurance or condo insurance in Hammond IN is crucial for protection against any kind of losses and repair costs for your condominium unit. For a condominium in Hammond IN, you need a specialized insurance policy for coverage against theft, vandalism, fire damage, water damage, and more.

Abe GT & Associates offers you exhaustive condominium insurance in Hammond IN. Protect yourself against the possible financial losses which may occur during your stay in the condo.

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Cheap Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance in Hammond, IN

As a tenant in Hammond IN, it is your responsibility to protect your belongings. The insurance cover by the landlord may protect the structure but will not cover your furniture and personal items. Therefore, renters insurance in Hammond IN is much needed. Inquire about the extent of cover you’ll need with your insurance agent.

At Abe GT & Associates, we bring to you the most suitable renters insurance in Hammond IN, by the best insurance providers. Call us to discuss more!

Workers Compensation Insurance in Hammond, IN

Protect you and your business against the possibilities of workplace injury and damage with workers compensation insurance in Hammond IN. Get the workers’ compensation Insurance specifically designed to protect your workers if and when they are injured on the job, with mounting medical or rehabilitation costs.

Whether you have contract workers under your payroll at your construction and manufacturing plant, Abe GT & Associates recommend the best workers compensation insurance in Hammond IN.

Workers Compensation Insurance in Hammond, IN
Rental property Insurance

Landlord Insurance in Hammond, IN

As a landlord, you have to comply with the state guidelines and ensure your rental property in Hammond, IN, is fully covered with comprehensive landlord insurance. Abe GT & Associates understand that homeowners and landlords have different insurance coverage needs. That’s why we offer only the best Landlord insurance in Hammond IN.

We assess your needs and suggest you the best coverage in the form of rental property insurance in Hammond, IN. Discuss your options today with the most experienced insurance agents in Hammond!


The Abe GT & Associates, Inc. offers all types of insurance options that you may require. We don’t work on the one-size-fits-all approach, but we work with you one-to-one to determine the level of coverage that will best meet your needs. Just give us a call, and we will help you with your best knowledge and the best insurance products available in Hammond, IN.

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