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Workers Compensation Insurance in Chicago, Homewood, Naperville IL

Workers Compensation insurance protects your business against the likelihood of workplace injury or damage. With more than 6 million people employed as a contractor, an estimated 150,000 workers are injured on construction sites, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Your Contractor Insurance requirements may vary depending on the type of work and regulatory factors. At Abe GT & Associates, Inc., our team of agents recommend the Contractor Insurance that will best protect your company.


Workers Compensation Insurance does more than just cover you for medical and rehabilitation costs, it covers lost wages as well as damage or loss of property associate with construction site mishaps. A business owners’ policy (BOP) is designed to protect you against loss of income, while Liability Insurance covers damage on construction and restoration projects. Liability Insurance covers you for those incidents where you’re liable for damage or repair costs, but it also covers injuries or damage to personal property, as part of regular construction site and heavy machinery labor.

Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance is designed to protect your workers if and when they are injured on the job, with mounting medical or rehabilitation costs. It can also cover lost wages, as well as benefits are unforeseen and tragic incidents occur at a construction site. Of course, with such a range of heavy machinery (bulldozer, dump truck, loader, grader, forklift, paver, etc.), you must also include Commercial Vehicle Insurance to cover accidents, injuries or property loss related to construction mechanization. (This type of coverage can easily be overlooked.)

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Workers Comp Insurance


As a business owner, you face numerous challenges in your day-to-day operations. Your goal is to keep the ship from sinking, despite all that can happen in a retail environment. Theft, economic challenges, compliance considerations and even your competitors can add layers of stress to your retail business. You still need to focus on running your business, so you need protection that will mitigate the risks, while giving you the room to develop your business at a high level. At Abe GT & Associates, Inc., we provide workers compensation insurance in Chicago, Homewood and other surrounding areas, our team will work with you to develop an insurance package that will meet your needs.


At Abe GT & Associates, we understand your unique challenges in construction. We offer recommendations for the insurance that should cover every possible situation, based on the type of work, your equipment, and project variables based on our experience. (We can even determine equipment classification, risk factors and what you might expect in the worse scenario.) Beyond the standard Liability Insurance, Equipment Insurance and Workers’ Compensation coverage, we work to make sure you’re covered against unfortunate and unexpected incidents.

Workers Comp Insurance Chicago