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Condominium Association Insurance

Condominium Association Insurance in Chicago, IL and Hammond, IN

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At Abe GT & Associates, Inc., we provide Condominium Association Insurance to protect your property and investment(s) in Chicago, Downers Grove, Evanston, Lansing, Hammond, Merrillville, and surrounding areas. While you might first think of Home Owners’ Associations (HOAs) and the insurance that you might need for something like that, the scope of Associations can be much broader. In general, an Association is a group of people who are focused on a common mission or cause. So, your association might be related to a trade or industry, sports, professional, cause or philanthropic purpose, or membership.


You’ve gathered like-minded individuals in the pursuit of a common goal. In that, you need Condominium Association Insurance coverage in place to protect you from claims, damages, or other unexpected situations that could jeopardize your mission goals and direction. Our dedicated insurance agents are here to offer recommendations and feedback about the coverage that should best protect your Association. Here are some coverage options that might be recommended for your Association:

  • General Liability coverage protects you if your Association members or other persons who are involved in hosted events were to have an accident or injury.
  • Property coverage is still usually valid for Associations since the organization probably has property that could be damaged due to fire, vandalism or factors.
  • Crime Insurance protects you and the Association from loss and replacement costs due to fraud, theft, or forgery.
  • Umbrella Coverage is really that extra liability coverage. You don’t know what you might need it for, but you still need to know that it’s there.

When you meet with your insurance agent, we’ll discuss these and other coverage options.

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It’s all about mitigating risk and protecting your mission. At Abe GT & Associates, we look at the scope of what you do and offer the coverage that specifically addresses your needs and risk factors. Here are just a few considerations.

  • Basic liability coverage
  • Protection against injury and damage
  • Replacement of equipment
  • Debilitating and Destructive Lawsuits

It’s difficult to generalize too much since some Associations are the target of more high-profile risk factors. (For example, a sports organization could be suite for millions of dollars, something that you would not typically expect in other types of associations.) The point here, though, is that we are familiar with how each organization’s needs are different. At Abe GT & Associates, Inc., we carefully review your situation and offer the solutions that should protect you from liability, litigation, or other unforeseen scenarios.


When you come in for your consultation, we’ll discuss what sets you and your organization apart. Why is it important? We want to hear your story. Then, we want to show you how we can help you protect your Association from liability. Contact GT & Associates to get the assistance you need from our experienced and trusted insurance agents. You get the personalized customer service you deserve, review of your Association needs, and the comprehensive coverage you need for your organization.