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Home Insurance in Chicago

"Protect your dream home with home insurance"


You never know when unexpected perils happen; having Home or Homeowner Insurance gives you the peace of mind. Protect yourself and your home from a potential catastrophic event in the event of weather or non-weather related losses. Consult with licensed insurance agents to customize the right amount of Home Insurance coverage. Abe GT & Associates is an experienced licensed home insurance provider in Chicago and surrounding areas in Illinois.

Home Insurance policy covers expenses for damages to your home’s interior or exterior due to water damage, windstorm, fire, etc. Loss of possessions due to burglary, theft or fire losses are usually covered. It also usually covers personal liability expenses if anyone suffers an injury on your property. Furthermore, you can also consider obtaining “riders” or additional endorsements to get the right protection. Most of Chicago area homes are not covered for flood or earthquake losses. Coverage requirements vary depending on your home’s construction characteristics and geographical location. Each insurance policy is different, you may want to review your insurance policy documents carefully with a licensed agent.

Almost all mortgage companies require you to purchase a home insurance policy before they approve a mortgage loan. Home Insurance is also required during the refinance process of your home loan; this makes home insurance policy a necessity. And having an experienced agent by your side in the process of getting a home insurance policy makes the process easier, prudent and faster.

The agents at Abe GT & Associates help you select the right amount of coverage that you and your family require to protect your most valuable asset — Your Home.

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We Listen — Understand — And Deliver!

Abe GT & Associates offers award-winning service, with the knowledge and attention to detail that will deliver the homeowner insurance solution you can trust. We’ve been in the home insurance business for more than 23 years, but our passion and dedication is what really sets us apart. We are responsive and friendly, but our greatest goal is to develop an honest and open relationship with you, one that will last a lifetime. We offer you the best possible home insurance coverage solution because we know that your future depends on it, but we also offer you the reassurance that your home, family and possessions are secure.

We Listen

We listen to your requirements to help you choose the coverage that suits your family’s needs. We also assess any potential risks and other unforeseen factors that may affect your premium, so you will not encounter any surprise costs when you decide on a policy.

We Understand

We review your specific situation to determine what type and the amount of coverage will work best for you. From there, we do our homework to find various homeowner’s policies from different providers so you would feel comfortable selecting.

We Deliver

We offer communicative and professional service when you need an agent by your side. Our agents not only go the extra mile to find the best, most affordable policy but also checks in to see if you need any changes to your insurance. Moreover, if you find yourself in the predicament of needing to file a claim, we respond promptly and ensure that you receive updates during the period for processing.

Why Choose us for Home Insurance in Chicago

With nearly 25 years of experience, we know how home insurance policies in Chicago work and what types of risks affect the premiums. We are experts in striking a balance between finding optimal coverage for your home and affordability. We take the time to consult with our home insurance providers and give you detailed home insurance quotes. We carefully review potential policies and riders (add-ons) with you and answer any questions you might have. Plus, we are there with you during every step of the policy choosing and signing process to make sure you have a complete understanding of what is covered and what is not.

In addition to information about your insurance coverage, we also go over the necessary steps for filing a claim—just in case. Likewise, we provide the required contact information for a faster response to your claim. We care about how effectively your home insurance covers your dwelling and all your possessions within it.

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