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Commercial/Business Insurance in Chicago

Protect Your Future with Business Insurance

At Abe GT & Associates, Inc., we provide business or commercial insurance quotes in Chicago, Homewood, Lansing, Downers Grove, Evanston, Merrillville, Lake County and surrounding areas to protect your investment(s).


Getting commercial insurance in Chicago protects you and your business so you can focus on improving your products and service for your customers. We know how hard you work, and that’s why we’re here to help you get the coverage and sense of security and protection you need for your business.

  • Property insurance covers any damage or loss to your business or commercial property.
  • General liability protects you against general business risk, including damage or repair costs.
  • The business owners’ policy (BOP) is another way to protect you against unexpected loss. It covers lost income.
  • Inland marine insurance covers you for moveable business or commercial property. Examples might be cameras or catering equipment.
  • Commercial insurance protects you from liability or physical damage associated with your commercial fleet of vehicles.
  • Umbrella Coverage just gives you that extra liability you need to protect your business or commercial property from unexpected expenses, not typically included in other coverage.
  • Professional liability coverage offers protection for service-oriented businesses. It can protect you if there are charges of negligence.
  • Workers’ Compensation insurance protects your employees from on-the-job injuries, medical expenses, and rehabilitation costs.
  • Since crime happens at some time or other, Crime Insurance coverage protects you against forgery, theft, or other loss.

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You need to have the right amount of insurance coverage for your business in Chicago. That’s why we offer such a range of converge options. Our agents work with you one-on-one to determine which options will best meet your needs.

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Despite all that can happen in a Commercial or Business environment, we offer the solutions that will keep you and your business moving forward no matter what obstacles you might face. While you face challenges in your business and professional spheres, our team works to smooth out the way forward, set up protections designed to meet your needs, and also offer the Commercial or Business insurance options that will target your specific needs.


With more than 23 years of award-winning service in the insurance business, we offer the Commercial or Business insurance options that you need. We also offer a level of unparalleled expertise, which means that our agents will get you the coverage to protect you against those unexpected emergencies. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your business, and offer the Commercial or Business insurance options that you need. Take all the uncertainty out of the situation. Get the protection you need for business and commercial investments.

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