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Abe GT & Associates, Inc. is a licensed insurance agency in Lansing, IL. Our insurance agents assist you in choosing adequate insurance coverage and getting the right amount of financial protection. Our long-standing connections with top-rated insurance companies such as Nationwide and Travelers enable us to provide you with the most comprehensive coverage plans at the right premium.

We can assist you with a wide range of insurance products, including house insurance, business insurance, vehicle insurance, workers compensation insurance, renter’s insurance, and rental property insurance. Just fill out the form below or call us at (312) 738-1384 to get an accurate quotation.

Home Insurance in Lansing IL

The easiest way to keep your house and possessions safe is by getting home insurance for your home in Lansing, IL. We have a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of insurance professionals who can help you discover the best home insurance policies in Lansing, IL. Before buying home insurance coverage in Lansing, IL, we discuss the multiple policies with you to identify your needs and ensure that those needs are met entirely.

For more than 23 years, we’ve been providing home insurance in Lansing, Illinois. Our representatives are experienced with the Lansing area’s conditions and can advise you on the appropriate type of home insurance coverage.

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Commercial Insurance in Lansing

Commercial Insurance in Lansing, IL

Businesses are full of uncertainty in the unpredictable weather of Lancing, IL. That is why business owner here requires comprehensive commercial insurance in Lansing. With a comprehensive commercial insurance policy, you and your business get a financial safety net in the event of a mishap or liability.

Agents at Abe GT & Associates work with you one-on-one to choose the best coverage providers for Lancing businesses. Our expert business insurance agents can help you find the right commercial or company insurance in Lancing, IL.

Auto Insurance in Lansing, IL

Accidents, damages, and injuries can occur anytime while on the roads. Auto insurance in Lansing, IL by Abe GT protects you, your vehicle, and other liability in case of any mishap. If you have the right amount of Auto insurance coverage in Lansing for your personal or commercial vehicle, you drive with a more relaxed state of mind when on the roads.

Accidents can occur at any moment and on any road. Get auto insurance in Lansing, IL, to ensure you have comprehensive coverage to protect yourself, your vehicle, and others on the road.

Auto Insurance in Lansing
Car Insurance in Lansing

Car Insurance in Lansing, IL

Car insurance in Lansing, IL, will keep you and your car protected in case of any mishap. A comprehensive car coverage gives you total peace of mind in the case of a road accident or certain responsibility expenditures. Car insurance can be puzzling and pricy, and we help you with it! Abe GT & Associates help you in getting the right amount of protection at the right cost.

Our agents help you get the most suitable car insurance in Lansing, IL. Choose the best car coverage in Lansing with the best insurance agents. Need car insurance in Lansing, Illinois? Contact us!

Condominium Insurance in Lansing, IL

Condo insurance, or condominium insurance in Lansing, IL, is necessary to protect your condominium unit against damages and repair costs. A specialized insurance policy for a condominium in Lansing, IL, is required to protect it against theft, vandalism, fire damage, water damage, and other risks.

Abe GT & Associates offers comprehensive condominium insurance in Lansing. Protect yourself from any financial losses that may happen during your stay at the unit.

Condominium Insurance in Lansing
Renters Insurance in Lansing

Renters Insurance in Lansing, IL

You are responsible to protect your things as a renter in Lansing, IL. The landlord’s insurance may cover the structure, but it will not cover your furniture or personal belongings. That is why renters insurance in Lansing is essential. To understand the level of protection you’ll require, consult with our insurance representative.

Abe GT & Associates offer affordable renters insurance in Lansing from the top insurance carriers. If you’d like to learn more, you can contact us!

Workers Compensation Insurance in Lansing, IL

Workers’ compensation insurance in Lansing, IL, can protect you and your company from financial loss due to workplace injuries. Workers’ compensation insurance protects employers in case their employees are injured on the job and face escalating medical or rehabilitation costs.

Whether you have contract workers or permanent employees on your payroll at your construction or industrial operation, Workers’ compensation insurance coverage is a must. Abe GT & Associates suggests you best-suited workers’ compensation insurance in Lansing, IL. Contact us; we can help you with the best coverage.

Workers Compensation Insurance in Lansing
Landlord Insurance in Lansing

Landlord Insurance in Lansing, IL

As a landlord, you must follow state rules and ensure that your rental property in Lansing, IL, is legal and protected with comprehensive landlord insurance. Abe GT & Associates understands that different landlords have distinct coverage needs, that’s why we discuss all types of coverage options with landlords to provide the ideal landlord insurance in Lansing, IL.

We examine your specific needs and advise the best rental property insurance in Lansing, IL. Contact the licensed insurance consultants in Lansing, Abe GT & Associates, to discuss your coverage choices!


Abe GT & Associates, Inc. provides you with a wide range of insurance products in Lansing, IL. We don’t believe in a one-policy-fits-all strategy, instead, we work with you one-to-one to select the right amount of coverage that best suits your needs. Just give us a call, and we’ll help you with our best advice and the greatest insurance policies in Lansing, IL.

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